Monkstone Knitwear was founded in 2010. 

The most important part of Monkstone goods it that it is ever changing, and we want you to feel part of the story. The design process is linked with the farming methods of the principles of permaculture. Design methods have been adapted to work with wool in a way that is sustainable and natural, enhancing the biodiversity of the natural source. Low impact and made locally. The yarns are all sourced from trusted farms, we use local shears, experience spinners and a great local factory to create the final garments. We also have a wonderful group of hand knitters who help to spread the joy of working with such natural yarns.

The current collection uses wool from the Monkstone flock.

The Monkstone Flock

Part 1:  The Black Welsh Mountains; A pedigree flock of sheep ideal to the farms developing system. A hardy breed with excellent durable hardy warm wool. With good resistance  to the elements and diseases, the Black Welsh Mountains  share pasture easily with the cattle and demand less with regards to additional winter feed, housing and unnecessary management. Good  lambing and mothering instincts form part of the breed's characteristics. 

Part 2: The Dorsets;  Smaller in numbers on the farm but larger in size and personality these sheep are a very adaptable breed fitting in well with the overall system. Their  big fleeces produce excellent wool  for clothes and knitwear. Within the Dorsets on the farm are a number of coloured ewes. For wool production these colours are highly desirable and the process of dying is not required. Additionally their friendly inquisitive nature has a positive effect on the Black Welsh Mountains meaning the flock as a whole is approachable and manageable out in the field.